From this…

Ken writes:

From this…
(just after we’ve moved in)

to this
(after stripping out the old kitchen and tiling the floor)

to this.
(a working kitchen again at last)

And we are so glad it’s finished.* The first picture was taken mid October; the middle one, on Wednesday of last week; and the last one, today.

* ‘finished’ here means that workmen won’t be going at it. We’ve still got to paint the walls and tile above the counter tops.


4 thoughts on “From this…

  1. Katimum

    That looks very good indeed – and not too spread out so you don’t waste time moving between units. I like the simple white finish, too.

    1. kenanddot

      It’s actually a cream though you can’t tell from the photo. Not having to take long walks between units was one of my reasons for wanting a u-shaped kitchen. Another thing that you probably can’t see from the photo is that the counter top is higher than usual (about 950mm). I didn’t want to have to stoop too much to do the dishes. You can see the gap between the counter and the washing machine and drier.

  2. gazza

    Very nice, Ken! We have a long-term plan to remodel our kitchen, but we don’t know when we’ll be able to afford it. We just refinanced our mortgage for a much lower monthly payment, though, so that should help…

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