busy weekend

Ken writes:

If all goes according to plan, by this time tomorrow, this weekend, we should have taken the boys to the zoo again, sanded the front room, treated it for woodworm, and put a coat of varnish on it, collected a second hand table and all its chairs, entertained a visit from Dot’s friend Aura and Hugh’s friend Jake, and planted some fruit trees in our garden.

So far we’re keeping to the tight schedule despite the boys’ best efforts to get trodden on as we dash madly about.


3 thoughts on “busy weekend

  1. Katimum

    I am relieved we have no squished grandsons, so far at least. Did Hugh turn into a Tiger after his visit to the zoo? And what apple trees did you choose in the end?

  2. ken

    Ashmead Kernel, Cornish Aromatic, Golden NOble, and a cider one I can’t remember off hand. I managed to plant three trees, the gooseberries, the raspberries and the rhubarb, as well as doing some more work on the floor, but we didn’t quite manage all our jobs today. Unfortunately, I also managed to break the perry pear tree. I planted it slightly crooked and tried to move it and it just snapped. It was the last one I planted and I was tired and not thinking properly. I should have packed it in earlier. I’m afraid I just shoved the pear back into the earth and walked off.

  3. Katimum

    If you bind it tightly together again, there is a chance that it might heal itself – or treat it as if you were grafting the branch onto rootstock. Might be worth the try!
    The apple varieties sound lovely – though I don’t think I have knowingly met any of them.

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