Stuff I am fretting about

Dot writes: I am fretting about
– the budget. But that is such a big fret there’s no point in talking about it.
– the journey to New Zealand, under the following subheadings: a) missing our connection at Heathrow; b) sudden snow, planes grounded; c) crashing and dying in the sea (I know, not likely; but horrible)
– the Christmas shopping, under the following subheadings: a) overspending; b) looking mean; c) what can we get for kiwi relatives that will be small enough to pack and big enough to please? d) when exactly are we going to do it, given that I have work right up until our departure and Ken has non-stop childcare but we’ll arrive only three days before Christmas?
– furniture, though bargain-hunting is fun as well as stressful
– painting the ceiling. What is that scabby patch in the kitchen and how do we get it off?
– will Ken and I ever reach a mutually acceptable decision about paint colours?
– not being clever enough for my job
– the Western world going to hell in a hand-basket, starting with the apparently almost universal abandonment of the principles of social protection, free intellectual inquiry and culture and the arts as things that are good in themselves
– finding time to get my roots dyed
– does Frank have impetigo again?
– what if the children get this chickenpox that’s going around just as we leave for New Zealand?
– choosing a primary school for Hugh. Is it better to send him to the school we like more or the school all his friends from playschool are going to? Would we get in anyway?
– finding time for all my marking
– woodworm
– environmental apocalypse. Though I do really love our new dishwasher.

And how are you?


One thought on “Stuff I am fretting about

  1. Meri

    Can’t help with everything, but for what it’s worth this is my advice:
    -If you haven’t already, take out insurance. You might still miss your trip, but at least you get some money back. For large trips this is a really good idea.
    -Buy fun personalised/ craft type presents and don’t worry about looking mean. Look caring instead.
    -Shop on line
    -People rarely look at your ceiling.
    -You ARE clever enough, and everyone worries about that anyway.
    -Children tend to make new friends when going to a new school anyway. I’m sure Hugh will be fine whichever school you pick.
    -Dishwashers are supposed to be good for the environment in that they use a lot less water. Plus it gives you more time to do the marking etc….

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