Stuff I am not fretting about

I think this is necessary as an antidote to the last post.

I am not fretting about
– microchips being implanted in our hands, unlike the campaigner who cornered me outside Trinity yesterday
– Hugh, who is being rather nice this week
– the new mahogany dining table. I had a big wobble but I’ve decided I like it after all.
– immigrants, partly because I am one
– young people today, except insofar as the older generation are busy making their futures as hard as possible
– whether rock is dead
– whether the novel is dead
– whether Elvis is dead (he is, but I accept this in tranquillity)
– all the free-form pencil-on-plaster artworks Frank has contributed to our walls
– the suspension of schemes for Metro North
– changes to the English language
– zombies.

Making this list is quite hard. I would be grateful for further suggestions for things not to fret about.


2 thoughts on “Stuff I am not fretting about

  1. Meri

    -Competing with the neighbours when putting up Christmas decorations.
    -Family arguments at Christmas.
    -Do I have too many books?
    -Trying to remove spiders from the house (they kill all the nasty ants and biting insects).
    -Working out where Ben put all his pants.
    -Will the cat like the new baby?
    -Velociraptor attacks

  2. Helen Conrad-O'Briain

    You cannot have too many books as long – assuming they have not begun to form piles on the floor reaching over two feet.
    1. Who is paying for the enormous (and very welcome) Christmas tree.
    2. Whether we will make it back and forth from Biggleswade for Christmas in one piece.
    3. Whether I will ever write a monograph.
    4. That I find it very hard to fret over 3.
    5. Reptiles of all sorts, extinct, near extinct, and ubiquitous.

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