Parish pump politics is alive and well

Ken writes:

We are buying out the ground rent on our house. At the moment, it is a leasehold property on something like a 999-year basis and Dublin City Council gets the slightly odd sum of twelve Irish pounds per year (or, obviously now, its euro equivalent (maybe only for the time being)). We just got a letter in the post from the local Fianna Fáil councillor to say it had come before the last council meeting for consent. He didn’t say whether consent was granted, but he said he would monitor the progress for us and that we could contact him if we needed any assistance. It’s just so slick. It will be interesting to see now if we get any similar letters from representatives of the other parties.

N.B. It’s the 30th November and we have successfully posted every day for NaBloPoMo.


One thought on “Parish pump politics is alive and well

  1. Helen Conrad-O'Briain

    how very very Fianna Fail – I believe they must go to some sort of school. Write back and ask him how he voted on re-zoning over the last fifteen years.

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