I’ve grown accustomed to the pace

Dot writes: NaBloPoMo is over, but I’ve acquired the habit of posting so here’s a post looking back on the month. Was it worth it? On the one hand, I think we both quite enjoyed the discipline of regular posting and the fluency that began to go with it. There were some nights when we had a little argument about whose turn it was, and some nights when I stared at the screen wondering what to write, but it’s basically fun at the end of the day to splurge a few words out. Some of what we’ve written has, naturally, been pretty undercooked, but to be honest most of my posts lack substance anyway. This isn’t a work blog or a current affairs blog and it’s not researched particularly: it’s just what happens to be on our minds when a bit of free time becomes available (which is usually in the evening when we’re feeling tired and soggy). It’s a relaxing and mildly creative thing to do with that time.

The exercise seems to have had very little effect on our stats. We got about 200 more hits than last month, when we posted only once or twice a week. An incredibly high proportion of the traffic on this blog, including a large number of the comments, is still directed to that post on Anatoli Boukreev that Ken wrote back in 2007. The rest of the time, we don’t get many comments and most of the people who comment are people we know personally and members of our family. I guess that’s fine, though I do get blog-envy sometimes and wish we had internet friends queuing up to converse with us. (I should stress that we really appreciate all the comments we get from said friends and family. Thanks very much and keep commenting: it makes us feel loved!)

The coming month is going to be busy. I suspect it will not be recorded in enormous detail because we will be too busy doing things to write much about them, but the things we will be doing include:
– me chairing a board of examiners for the first time, tomorrow (eek)
– further efforts at decorating and furnishing the house
– a big brew-day for Ken with friends around to help
– various pre-Christmas junkets: I’d like to manage to go to at least one Christmas event with my colleagues this year, because I like them and I’d like to get more involved in such social occasions now the boys are slightly bigger
– the Christmas shopping
– and the big one: the trip to New Zealand.


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