Anybody with special intercessionary powers, please read closely

Dot writes: OK, so tomorrow we are off to NZ. Taxi is booked for 10am, flight to Heathrow 12.10. Only
– Frank was vomiting on Thursday night so we took him to the doctor, who pronounced that he has an ear-infection. Antibiotics for Frank
– which were seemingly giving him diarrhoea last night and earlier today; his in-flight bag is packed with many, many nappies and many, many pairs of trousers
– though it may in fact not have been the penicillin, but rather the stomach bug that has abruptly come upon Hugh, causing him to throw up repeatedly since 3pm this afternoon, and prompting us to take him to the after hours doctor
– who also recommended motillium for adult stomach problems, which is useful as Ken now has a rather queasy tummy as well
– though he had to overcome it for a bit to help me clean up when, after his bedtime milk, Frank vomited astonishingly copiously all over me and himself.

I have been wanting to get the kitchen floor mopped and to have a go at the grubby bits on the new (second-hand) sofa suite, so that the house can be moderately respectable for the house-sitters, but at this rate we will be doing quite well if the place does not actively smell of sick.

We spent some time this afternoon checking our travel insurance to find out what happens if we don’t go at all. But I think that, despite it all, we will probably still manage to crawl out the door tomorrow morning, laden with our extremely numerous bags. But if any of you have a hotline to any particularly influential gods, this is not the time to be shy.


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