Dot writes: I asked Hugh what he liked most about New Zealand and he replied “Uncle Mat.” I asked him on a different occasion and he said “eating crisps”, but let’s stay with the first answer for the moment, because sunshine, greenery, leisure, wine, swimming, good food, presents, Otorohanga Kiwi House, beaches, shopping and hot tubs are all very well, but there’s nothing quite like the constant company of friends and family.

Back row: Mat holding Hannah, Ken, Ken’s dad; middle row: Auntie Sue, Ken’s mum, Jessie, Dot; front: familiar rascals. (Btw, click on the pictures for bigger versions.)

Mat and baby Hannah. Hannah’s mood rather less festive than her hat

Jessie and Hannah with Frank

Hugh has a story with Auntie Sue

A walk around Virginia Lake, Wanganui, with Ken’s mum

Reunion of flatmates: Ken with his friends Gareth and Lee

Jessie and baby Hannah

Murray with his son and grandsons – for posterity

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