Announcing that Dot is awesome

Dot writes: this weekend I have
– chivvied my boys into a highly successful little jaunt up the Ben of Howth, involving piles of gravel, muddy puddles, gorse and lovely views;
– seized the opportunity to buy fish;
– with Ken and boys, ordered the children some bunkbeds;
– shopped carefully and extensively for food, including going to Nolan’s for organic sausages made out of happy pigs;
– cooked the fish (sea-bass fillets) and served it up with roasted squash, asparagus spears and a semi-improvised caper sauce (and it was yummy);
– baked four loaves of bread, also yummy;
– gone for a run in the rain;
– coaxed (ok, bribed) Hugh into putting on his own trousers;
– taken the children to the Sealife Centre, remembering to have a passport photo with me so I could buy a year’s membership;
– popped in to see my friend Claudie while we were in the area;
– done some marking;
– read enough of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s book about fish to learn that we shouldn’t have bought the sea-bass and that, indeed, pretty much any fish we can remember the name of is overfished, apart from mackerel. But we are allowed to buy megrim and witch – don’t they sound fascinating?
– and broken our blogging drought by writing this. Go me!

Ken has been pretty awesome too, it must be noted, not least by washing up after the baking.


3 thoughts on “Announcing that Dot is awesome

  1. laura

    I’m impressed by your long list of accomplishments. Just know that your readership may not be able to keep up, thus will feel shamed by merely managing to get the cat box cleaned before a Monday return to work!!
    I speak only for myself (and happy cats).

  2. Helen Conrad-O'Briain

    I thought a megrim was one version of an exceptionally nasty headache.
    You were also very good to the MPhil. students.

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