desert island discs (first of a series…)

Ken writes:

1. cd: Trans Europe Express by Kraftwerk
I particularly love the song ‘Europe Endless‘ that starts the album. It’s an incredibly positive and optimistic song for me. The music evokes progress and travel through a countryside full of culture and civilisation. When I listen everything seems alive with possibility and purpose. I listened to it intensively to calm my nerves during a day of interviews and presentations for my first job as a philosophy lecturer at the University of Leeds. It was my theme song for that job. Unfortunately, it hasn’t brought me other jobs, but I think it has a couple more good things in store for me.

One thought on “desert island discs (first of a series…)

  1. mairij

    Thanks for bringing the song to my notice. I agree, it’s lovely; somehow very German but also as you say optimistic and happy.

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