closing the Irish embassy to the Vatican

Ken writes:


[begin rant]
I’ve been thinking recently about the Irish Government decision to close the embassy in the Vatican. The decision has been subject to sustained caviling and noises off from the Fine Gael backbenches and the Labour party TD, foreign minister and deputy prime minister Eamon Gilmore was forced to put the hard word on people. But closing the embassy is CLEARLY a good decision.

The main reason is that the Vatican is NOT A REAL COUNTRY. It might be a country in a purely nominal sense, but it’s not a real country (with births and deaths and unemployment and health systems and trade and all that sort of thing). It’s a vanity honorific title accorded to the Vatican to call it a country.

Second of all, the Vatican already has thousands of representatives in Ireland; practically one on every street corner. So it would be ludicrous to suggest that an embassy is needed to promote communication between the two countries (even if the Vatican were a country in any real sense).

[end rant]


4 thoughts on “closing the Irish embassy to the Vatican

  1. The Vatican is only the territory of the entity which in international relations is known as the Holy See. Now you can dismiss the size and make-up of the State but the reality for Ireland is that the Holy See has more significance in the world than Ireland. We have now chosen to walk away from that relationship while other countries are strengthening. As for representatives on every corner, that’s the sort of confused thinking which enables Kenny and Gilmore to blame the Holy See for things which were clearly the responsibility of individuals in Ireland who are not agents of the Holy See.

  2. kenanddot

    It’s a good point that the Vatican is an entity with lots of influence. There might be businesses that have more influence than some of the countries Ireland has embassies at (Maybe Google has more influence than Bulgaria, for example). Should Ireland have ’embassies’ wherever they would have the most influence? Maybe.
    On the other hand, if the idea is at heart supposed to be one people speaking to another then countries count for more than their influence would dictate.

  3. Francis P. Lavelle

    The present government is determined to make Ireland up to date
    with regard to international human rights. I have no problem with
    that. However Ireland will never be the same the day that abortion
    becomes the law of the land. The whole business of the closing of the embassy at the Holy See has to do with lessening the church’s
    influence in this and other areas e.g. ethics and education. But first break the influence of Rome. The Britts did the same thing. By subidizing the
    seminary at Manoothe she made the church and it’s priests beholding to the Crown. The present Irish government intends to attach a chain and ball around the feet of the church and destroy what influence it still has.
    In time Ireland will resemble the Nordic countries and even outpace them
    in other areas like euthanasia. Why? Because it’s going to lose it’s soul.

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