Ken is awesome, but Dot is not

Dot writes: we ain’t dead. We have been a bit poorly. Frank was sick on Saturday night, Monday night, Tuesday night and Wednesday night, but is now thoroughly bouncy again, though somewhat drippy of nose. Hugh was sick on Wednesday night and again last night and has been having some problems at – ahem – the other end. As have I. In fact, we have been rather miserable. I was off work on Wednesday and then, as I thought, recovering, but I wasn’t much use on Friday and spent most of yesterday in bed again. Ken has a cold, but while I have been flopping around not managing to finish the paper I’m writing and making nervous, ill-fated attempts to eat food, he has been a whirlwind of energy and achievement. I don’t think I’ve spotted all the jobs he’s ticked off, but having finished grouting the kitchen last week he has sanded and oiled the wooden work-surface, done lots more work in the garden including cutting down the clematis that was sprawling scruffily all over the shed, taken the plant waste to the dump, labelled two more batches of beer, and worked on our bikes, which have been languishing unridden over the winter. He has got the Duchess in good working order again but his own bike needs a part. Now he is having a little nap with Hugh. I think he deserves it, don’t you?


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