Dot writes: let me share with you the song currently on not-entirely-chosen heavy rotation in my head. This was a big hit last year in the US, but I hadn’t heard it until I encountered it in a video about the curious names a certain little girl gives to her toys. (By the way, the other day Hugh decided to name one of his dinosaurs Sauron.) In fact, let’s start with that because it’s worth a share:

And here’s the music video for the song:

And, if you watched both those videos right through, you’ve now heard the chorus of the song ten times and you’re probably thoroughly infected with it yourself. I don’t mind, personally. I rather like it.

As a footnote, I am left feeling old, because I can’t help thinking (a) what nice boys; (b) given all their extra-curricular activities, are they going to meet their essay deadlines?


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