Happy anniversary

Dot writes: just for once, we haven’t forgotten the anniversary of starting our blog, which is just as well as it’s the fifth. Imagine that! (Hugh is already planning his fifth birthday party. It is going to be a spinosaurus party and he is going to invite Karel who, like him, has a toy spinosaurus. There is going to be a cake with a spinosaurus on it, made by me, apparently. I don’t quite have the heart to explain to him just how long it is until November.)

I was thinking of writing a moderately thoughtful post extending Ken’s last on barefoot running, since I have just finished reading a book he bought on the topic (Born to Run by Christopher MacDougall). I was finding it rather inspiring in its rollicking, journalistic way, and then I ventured a little run this morning and went back to wondering whether I belong to the same species as all the ultra-running superheros in the book. But then I spent too long fiddling around with photos and getting Mum’s photos from her visit from dropbox, and I still need to make dough tonight, so here to celebrate are some family shots from last weekend. They are our photos because Mum’s file is still busily downloading.

In Howth

Also in Howth. In the Bloody Stream, which we first visited about six years ago now - crikey.

Ken demonstrates his engineering genius on Bull Island.


4 thoughts on “Happy anniversary

  1. mairij

    I especially love the photo of Kati explaining something, Frankie looking at her with a serious look on his face, and Hugh looking entirely wrapt at what it is she is explaining. A lovely pic!

  2. Katimum

    The joys of digi cameras! No more waiting for weeks while the film is developed – take the pictures and immediately there is a cry of ‘Me see?’ There were quite a few pictures of themselves to look at too!

    1. Dot

      Another joy of digital cameras is that the children can take photos themselves. I’m afraid when uploading the last bunch I meanly deleted an enormous series of shots Hugh had taken of a Bob the Builder programme:-)

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