Catching up

Dot writes: as a rule, the more happens in our lives the less I blog about it, and rather a lot has been happening recently. (There are other factors that inhibit blogging too: one is that I’ve been doing actual work, as in academic work for my job, in the evenings; another is two-and-a-half years old and is sitting beside me, keen to help in any way he can by driving his toy police van over the keyboard.) On Monday 12th I cycled all the way in to work and back for the first time, braving the buses and the disappearing cycle-lanes and the maelstrom of traffic around the Customs House. It was not quite as gut-twistingly incontinence-provokingly terrifying as I thought it would be, just somewhat scrambling to the nerves. I even did it again on Tuesday. I would blog about this, but on the same day my sister had a baby, which trumps it. Also, just as I was about to fly over to Southampton for a few days to be with her, the playschool announced that it was time to potty-train Frank. So the last week in our family has been a mad whirl of envigorating near-death experiences, new life and inappropriately-placed poo. Though it must be said that by the time I came home again Frank had got into the swing of potty-use to the extent that this morning when I went downstairs with him he spontaneously rushed into the kitchen, sat on his potty, got up and peered into the bowl to see what he had achieved, only forgetting to take off his pyjama bottoms and night-time nappy first.

I flew to Southampton on Thursday morning and came back yesterday morning. I’m not sure how much I should blog about my sister’s labour, birth and post-natal experience, because she and my brother-in-law are very careful about privacy settings and what they put on the internet. This may be a notionally anonymous blog, but perhaps I shouldn’t tell their story. However, I think I can say that the stay in hospital was longer than any of us expected. I had envisaged my role being domestic support as my sister and her husband got used to having their new baby at home, but instead it was keeping Meri amused and helping change nappies and whatnot as she waited and waited and waited to be discharged. She eventually got home at 9pm on Friday night after giving birth (by the normal route, indeed) at 12.10 on Monday. But the reward for all her considerable trouble is an extremely adorable little girl. They have named the baby Jessica Elisabeth.


2 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. Helen Conrad-O'Briain

    Welcome Jessica Elisabeth!
    I regret I won’t be around in eighteen years time to have the chance to teach you Grimm’s law, Verner’s law, or the beauty of the absolute (ablative/dative/nominative) construction, but I think you can rely on your aunt.
    Meanwhile, when you come to visit Trinity, remind your Aunty Dot that there are toys (including Kormakr the Hiberno-Norse bear) and a full biscuit tin in 4026.

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