Guest post: the birth of baby Jessica

Dot writes: my sister wrote up her birth story as a note on facebook and said that I could cut-and-paste from it into the blog. So I’m cutting and pasting the whole thing.

Jess was born at 12.10 on the 12th March. Today is her 1 week birthday and this is the third day she has been home from hospital. (She came home on Friday evening, but that doesn’t really count as we went straight to bed).

I’m told the birth was fairly fast for a first babe. My waters broke at about 11.30 on Sunday and we set off for hospital at about 06.30 on Monday. Whilst still at home I did get to listen to my labour music and Tiger kept me company on the couch (didn’t want to be lying down).

Some time after we got to the hospital they checked my progress and confirmed I was in active labour and was 5cm dilated. I had a couple of hours of monitoring then got into the pool. The monitoring felt pretty constant even in the pool as I had hourly tests for blood pressure, temperature and sugar levels which didn’t leave a lot of time without tests.

Almost as soon as I got into the pool I started needing to push. I managed to last a reasonable amount of time without, but did need to take some gas and air in the last stage. I got out of the water bath at that point for a check on my progress and Ben had to put the straps back on me for the next bout of continuous monitoring as I was so centered on giving birth I’d stopped really responding.

Things are a bit scrambled in my head from here. We got to the bit where the cervix was almost fully dilated and they told me to stop pushing. The midwives said it was really close, only about an hour to go. I remember thinking ‘that’s not really close..’ Happily Jess didn’t take another hour. Four or five contractions later the midwives did a quick check and saw the head was begining to appear the midwives seemed a bit surprised; I think they were expecting it to take longer. It wasn’t that many more pushes after that when Jess arrived. It felt really quick after all those contractions. They delivered her onto my chest. She was covered in a thick layer of vernix and already had a full head of hair. The birth was unassisted and the placenta came out ok after a slight worry that I would need to go to theatre. Unfortunately I bled quite a lot after so did wind up having to go to theatre anyway. Ben looked after Jess whilst I was there and gave her her first feed (formula as I was not present). I came round sometime later with a really sore throat.

Jess and I spent the rest of the week in hospital whilst I got stronger. Jess was absolutely fine from the start. All the midwives and staff were really lovely and supportive, but it was really tough to sleep as the lights were on all the time, it was really hot, and we kept being woken up to have blood pressure checks etc. We finally were discharged and left hospital at about 9pm on friday. I was beginning to think I would have to tunnel out…

Being home is bliss and Jess is a total darling and changing everyday.

2 thoughts on “Guest post: the birth of baby Jessica

  1. Lily Roth

    Lovely baby! I’m so glad that your sister is all right now. It’s no fun to be in hospital! I’m so happy that they are well & together at home now…
    Congratulations on being an auntie!

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