His tender heart

Dot writes: by the way, you should look away now if you dislike posts involving poo.

Frank loves babies. When asked what he did at school he tends to reply “I pushed a baby”, but this is only a symptom of how interesting he finds them. He likes to pretend to be a baby by saying “goo goo” and lying in my arms. When we point out baby animals – for instance kittens or lambs – he reliably exclaims “ahhhh, how cute!” In the zoo today he not only oohed and aahed over the actual babies (lambs, kids, one-year-old gorilla etc), he spotted babies where there were none, for example identifying a very marginally smaller African spurred tortoise as a baby and deciding the other two, very marginally larger African spurred tortoises must be its mum and dad. But sometimes he takes his enthusiasm a bit far. For example earlier this evening when he had made successful use of his potty. “Mummy, I did a big poo!” he called to me with pride. “Well done,” I replied, “what a big poo.” “And all the little poos,” he added sentimentally, “they’re so little and cute.”

I’m afraid I flushed them away anyway.


6 thoughts on “His tender heart

    1. kenanddot

      Not the last. I don’t think many successful children’s book authors are particularly sentimental about children.

  1. Katimum

    We have some baby kids in Reedham – I will ask Jean if we can come and admire them – we might get to see their mother being milked as well.

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