The Easter dragon and the Easter dust bunny

Dot writes: I’m not sure which Hugh likes better out of dinosaurs and dragons. Probably dinosaurs. He has an impressive dinosaur-related vocabulary: the other week at the zoo a crested booming bird reminded me of a crested duck-billed dinosaur and he was able to tell me I meant a parasaurolophus (I’ve forgotten the name of the bird now). However, dragons are definitely up there too, so now Ken has stripped and painted the walls of the boys’ bedroom the spaces are starting to be decorated with a dragon theme. Grandma gave us this removable-sticker height chart:

I ordered some other stickers which the boys (with a little help) have arranged around their exciting new bunkbeds:

Now we are contemplating the wall above the fireplace. The plan at present is that Ken (who is good at art) will paint a dragon there. Hugh and I spent some time yesterday looking at pictures of dragons on the internet and talking about which would make good models. Rather a lot of the dragons seemed to be tattoo’d on semi-clad young ladies, but I have indicated that I would not favour that particular option. (Footnote: we were speculating that dragons may tattoo themselves with pictures of humans, probably favouring the soft-underbelly as a tattoo site since the scales may not be suitable – though doubtless one can get scale-jewels for sticking on, rather like the little jewels you can get for fingernails.)

Anyway, continuing the dragon theme, I invented what I thought was rather a good Easter game for the boys this morning. I had wondered about an egg-hunt, but that tends to involve rather a lot of eggs (and I wanted to keep the chocolate-consumption to a moderate rate); moreover, the bigger boy usually ends up with enormously more. So instead I wrote and drew a series of clues and hid them, and then I told the children that the Easter dragon had laid her chocolate eggs somewhere in the house, one egg for each of us, and they had to follow the clues to find the eggs. It was a great success. Hugh did most of the clue-solving, but Frank enjoyed collecting up the pieces of paper into a little pile as we went, usually slightly before Ken had finished reading the words out. Hugh liked the game so much that as soon as it was finished (and he had almost scoffed the whole of his egg) he asked if we could now find the eggs of the Easter dinosaur.

I hate to break it to him, but there is no Easter dinosaur.

However, Ken has started decorating the hall. It’s a big job, but he’s got a long way with it very quickly: he’s already stripped all the wallpaper off, even the wallpaper in the upper corner above the stairs that has to be reached by means of a perilous ladder; he’s filled in all the gouges and holes with plaster, and he’s just sanded down the wall. He is doing incredibly well. As a result, thanks to his efforts, we do have rather a lot of Easter bunnies – dust bunnies.
This particular picture isn’t one of ours – thanks to

Our stairs, almost ready for paint. Here’s hoping even the carpet’s days may finally be numbered:

2 thoughts on “The Easter dragon and the Easter dust bunny

  1. Katimum

    Very impressive! Both the Easter Dragon idea and the Wall paper stripping. Maybe we can find an Easter Dinosaur in Norfolk – we are rather behind the times here.

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