I posted this a while ago but I’m reposting it now to give it more attention. I’d like to post some more on the subject of behaviourism again in the future.

Ken and Dot's Allsorts

Ken writes:

I’ve been trying for some time to write a post on Behavourism because it’s something that holds a perennial fascination for me. I have a number of B F Skinner’s books on the go About Behaviourism, Science and Human Behaviour and Verbal Behavior. This last is the book Noam Chomsky made his name reviewing. It’s very heavy going, but it is brimming with interesting ideas (although a proper behaviourist would never put it in those terms). Anyway, I twisted my ankle this weekend and it can’t really bear my weight, so Alice has cleared her day at work to look after the kids so I can sit with my leg up and blog.

Most people have only a very vague and possibly caricatured notion of what Behaviourism is. I remember a joke about behaviourism doing the rounds when I was at university. What did one behaviourist…

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  1. mairij

    I know that Behaviourism is much more sophisticated than I give it credit, but I like the view of Niko Tinbergen, a behavioural ecologist, that animal behaviour can be studied in four different ways: by its adaptive significance for the animal, its causes, development (how the behaviour develops as the animal grows) and evolutionary history.

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