Endless opportunities

Dot writes: Ken and the boys have gone to see my parents, without me. They are probably on the plane as I type; I got a text earlier to say that Hugh was being very good in the airport, Frank rather less so. I would have loved to have gone too, but it’s a busy time at work with exams coming up and I have a paper to deliver in Belfast that needs to be written – actually, that needs more research – not to mention that our credit card gives us this cringing, bruised look every time we get it out as if to say “Haven’t you done enough to me already?”, so I’m staying in Dublin. Just imagine all the things I can get done with all that uninterrupted, un-shouted-at, potty-less, urgent-snackless, not-required-to-read-stories, not-being-jumped-on time. Just imagine! Things like…bumbling around on the internet.

If I were less lazy, maybe I’d rule the world. Less lazy, and rather cleverer. And more ambitious. And more attracted to ruling the world, which doesn’t actually sound like a very nice job.

I’ve done a bit of marking and tidied the megablocks and eaten some chocolate.

4 thoughts on “Endless opportunities

  1. Hee hee, that’s exactly what I would do. Have some grand universe conquering plans, eat some chocolate and then probably make the most of doing the hoovering while the floor wasn’t covered in Lego. I hope you enjoy the ‘break’.

    1. kenanddot

      I hoovered the stairs. But I still haven’t mopped the kitchen floor. (On the other hand, I have in fact been working pretty hard for my job. This is my first evening off this week, and only because Ken told me I should write a blog post.) (That’s my story anyway…)

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