Reasons not to blog

Dot writes: not much going on here, is there? I don’t think this blog has ever been so neglected before – even holidays have rarely kept us away for much over a week. I hate it when my favourite blogs start to wither, but now I fear ours is doing a spot of withering. Some reasons:

– Ken is watching Breaking Bad on the computer in the evenings, which is when I might have jumped on to write a post.

That’s the main one, really. But it wouldn’t have so much effect were it not that

– I seem to have less urge to blog anyway.

And that’s because

– although I remain very interested in the children, I am less absorbed in them than I was, and I have less need of an outlet for talking about them;
– and I’ve never blogged much about work;
– and I’m a bit tired on the whole and not breaking out in spontaneous wit that I need to share;
– and I honestly have no idea which way everyone should vote in the referendum – no, I do: yes, because we have to carry on being meek and good in this country, but accepting that everything is going to be pretty miserable for quite a while either way. I don’t have a vote, though.

Frank has had a stomach upset for the last week and is going to the doctor today. He had two nights of vomiting and then daily diarrheoa and his poor bottom is so sore that he cries “stop, stop!” and tries to run off when we wipe it, only of course it will get worse if it’s not cleaned. Poor lamb. I had a 24-hour version of probably the same bug on Monday and at one point fainted in the bathroom (slowly – I had time to sit down on the floor as I began to get woozy) and came round to find myself wedged between the toilet and the wall. Before that I went to Belfast to give a paper on Friday and had rather a nice time. It has been raining a lot. Ken has started redecorating the small bedroom. On Tuesday he took a brewing exam (a theory test) which involved going into the Diageo offices in St James’s Gate. And the same day he got a conditional offer to do a brewing diploma next year at Herriot-Watt University, which will mean he will be in Edinburgh having fun and meeting people who like beer while the boys and I will be in Dublin experimenting with the life of the single-parent family. But I’m not at all bitter. In fact I’m quite stout. (Boom, boom.)

Oh, and Hugh still passionately, passionately loves dinosaurs.

That’s all.


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