And more sun

Yesterday we went to the National Garden Exhibition Centre (which we have visited and blogged about before, about a year ago). It is a longer drive than it used to be but still worth it: it’s amazing how much sustained fun a young family can get out of exploring winding paths, dabbling slightly dangerously in water features, and playing on the play equipment in the garden centre. They let us have our picnic in one of the show gardens, as well. Packing the picnic was a wholesome and also thrifty gesture involving home-made soda bread and muffins baked that morning. We rather spoiled the thrifty side by then buying lots of plants for the garden, but of course we can consider this part of the necessary expense of doing up the house.

After the NGEC we went swimming in the shiny modern pool in Greystones, which was beautifully clean and quite empty but heavily policed by somewhat bored young life-guards who would appear and utter admonitions as soon as the children did anything slightly unorthodox, such as climbing over the very low railing between the toddler pool and the baby pool instead of getting out and walking round. Then we stopped at an Art and Hobby shop outside Greystones to buy a present for a birthday party we’re attending today. And then we drove home slowly through Bray and along the coast, passing our old homes in Ballybrack and Dalkey and feeling a bit nostalgic for when we lived in lovely leafy South Dublin.


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