What we did on our holidays

Dot writes: so, we are back from our camping holiday, having somewhat unexpectedly had a very nice time; so nice that we are even talking of a weekend camping trip in Ireland next month, if the weather looks half-way decent. I set off with gritted teeth, braced for the worst, and moved quite quickly through “this is rather better than expected” (that is, it wasn’t raining all the time) to “this is very enjoyable” (including, sometimes, when it was raining – the stone rows at Merrivale on Dartmoor were most atmospheric under scudding rain clouds). On my birthday I even caught the sun slightly. Suncream wasn’t something I had thought of packing.

We had three nights at Winchcombe near Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire and then five at Westford Farm near Drewsteignton in Devonwhere where we joined my parents and were later joined by my sister and her husband and baby daughter. We attended a medieval fair and battle re-enactment in Tewkesbury, visited Sudely Castle gardens, stopped in at Deerhurst in the pouring rain on our way down to Devon so I could have a little Anglo-Saxonist moment, and then got in a good mix of activities and attractions in Devon and Cornwall, including some pottering on Dartmoor and a trip to the Eden Project. The boys kept running off at the Eden project, which was exhausting, and we felt that while beautiful it was a bit uncertain in its message – environmental-lite with prominently displayed Tescos bags in the cafe. However, that was the one day that possibly didn’t quite live up to expectations. My birthday on the 20th pulled out all the stops with bright sunshine and t-shirt warmth. We were able to have a picnic at Launceston Castle and then a ride on the narrow-gauge steam railway. Hugh was delighted with himself for discovering four fledgeling swallows sitting on a beam in a shed by the station.

Here are some pictures.


One thought on “What we did on our holidays

  1. laura

    This whole last week of July belongs to you guys. I can’t believe its 5 years since I visited you two at St. Andrews. Looking at the photo’s shows how much you have accomplished since then. (Not to even mention the new house and all!)
    PS Have the boys really grown that much since June12 or does that camera add 2 years???

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