Ken writes:

I have a sore foot. The joint of my big toe at the ball of the foot hurts. It came upon me during the night on Friday and my first thought was naturally that an evil sprite, perhapsFungus the Bogeyman, had snuck into the room while I slept to work some ill upon me. Then I wondered if I had gout, because I’m getting a bit older and I drink too much. When I told Dot about it, she averred that it maybe due to barefoot running, which I’ve been doing lately. On Friday I went for a 4k jog and combined that with some lunges and press-ups when I came home. The kitchen floor was a bit slippy (it isn’t now because Sunday is chores day), and I may have strained it trying to stay in place while I did my exercises.

This morning I have been compulsively googling my ailment doing a bit of do-it-yourself diagnosis. Try ‘it feels like stepping on a pea-sized stone‘, which doesn’t give much hope suggesting a kind of nerve damage and also lots of trips to the doctor and xrays and things to find out what it is. It might also be hallux rigidus or arthritis of the big toe, or gout, but my money at the moment is on sesamoiditis, or an inflammation of the sesamoid bones underneath the big toe ball joint. I’m hoping that resting it, elevating it, putting a bit of ice on it now and then will calm it down and let me get on with things. Now, I’d love to go into a bit more detail, but I’ve got to ask some nice person to sort me out some tea…


2 thoughts on “ouch!

  1. Katimum

    Since it came on so suddenly after exercise, sounds more like a strained ligament or bruising to me. Panic not, I’ll send N over who will probably recommend cutting your foot off.

  2. mairij

    I hope it clears up quickly. I had a ‘spur’ on my left heel once (while I was doing research on NZ dairy cows, who take long walks twice a day between milking shed and paddock). It was very painful and inconvenient. You have my sympathy.

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