my hops are looking good

ken writes:

This is the view from our bedroom window at the moment. Looks like I’ll have a useable harvest of hop cones for the first time this year. The variety here is a Hallertauer aroma variety I got from Eicklemann in 2010.


2 thoughts on “my hops are looking good

  1. Katimum

    And a very fine crop too! Mine are coming up to being ready, too, but my crafty idea to extend my poles is not very successful – I joined two of the plastic coated metal poles by drilling through and fixing with two small bolts. The Kentish Goldings pole broke at the join and the hop is now draped over the shed roof: the Fuggles has gone wobbly and sometimes tries to entangle itself round the Challenger and sometimes sways the other way: the Challenger is the only one which looks fairly stable, partly because the crop is lighter. Now I have to catch the magic moment when the cones are ripe but before the rain/wind spoils them. And dry them efficiently. Good Luck with yours!

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