Night out in Edinburgh

Ken writes:

I met up with an old friend from St Andrews last night and he took me around some of Edinburgh’s better pubs. First stop was the Cumberland bar on Cumberland street. It was a generously proportioned place with wooden pannelled walls and an array of handpumps on the bar. Despite the good selection of Scottish breweries, I had a pint of Timothy Taylor’s Landlord (4.3%), which I’ve heard lots of good things about but hadn’t had the opportunity to try before. The second place, The Bow bar, was a wee walk away just off Grassmarket street. Again, there was lots of wood and the pub also had a reputation for being one of the best whisky pubs around. I had a pint of Fyne Ale’s Avalanche (4.5%).
Embarrassingly, the details of the other establishments are less clear to me. It might have been in the Blue Blazer that I had a pint of Deuchars (3.8%), which didn’t taste quite right. There was a hint of grassiness about it that reminded me of the seaweed paper used to make sushi. Strange as it sounds, this taste didn’t bother me and I finished the pint. And finally it might have been in the Cloisters, a place off Lothian Road, that I had a pint of something or other Gold (also 3 point something percent). As we staggered to where I could catch my bus afterwards, I averred that it was a good thing we were drinking pints around 3-4% and not anything stronger, which it surely was, but I’m a little bit appalled that I can’t remember more of the details this morning.

(I conscious of how far I fall short of the high standards set by this guy when it comes to writing up a day’s or night’s drinking. Check it out.)


5 thoughts on “Night out in Edinburgh

  1. Katimum

    You’re doing better than me! I couldn’t even remember the name of the Brewer of the beer I had at lunchtime – and referred to it as Spitfire when in fact it was Hurricane!

  2. laura

    I realize you were meeting up with an old friend, but while you’re studying to improve beer making, you could carry around a notebook and document your research. In fact, that may have to be my new approach when I go out. Even still, I doubt anyone would believe I was making notes about how much my 4th pint tasted different from my 3rd!

  3. Thanks for the mention in your blog 🙂 It may seem a bit geeky but the untappd App (iPhone & Android) is actually a great way to record your beers – only takes a few seconds, no need for notebook etc…, and you can actually ‘connect’ with other people (in Edinburgh say) who like the same beers. It’s also stopped me from drinking a couple of beers which I wasn’t sure if I’d had before and was glad I didn’t try again. Have fun !

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