Croke Park here we come

Dot writes: it occurs to me that you must spend an awful lot of your time not being quite sure what’s going on, when you’re almost five. It helps to be able to have fun anyway. Hugh played in his first ever Gaelic football match today, a Junior Infants event organised by Raheny GAA in St Anne’s Park, without being told what the rules were or anything really apart from that he was on the orange team and if he saw the ball he should run after it. It would have helped if we’d arrived before play started, but I blame Frank, who took most of his clothes off just before we had to leave the house. Anyway, I saw a lot of own goals, but I also saw Hugh pursuing the ball with great determination and even getting hold of it once or twice, and I felt extremely proud of him. At the end all the children were given medals. “Look, Mum, I have a medal!” said Hugh. “I must have won.”


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