Ken writes:

For my birthday last year Dot bought me some vibram five fingers running shoes which we found out about when our good friend (but irregular blogger) Jeremy started getting into barefoot running. I’ve been using them reasonably regularly ever since (usually twice a week, but more recently). Anyway, I really like them so I decided to buy a new pair.

Only they are rather expensive. And if anything they seem to be more expensive in the UK than Ireland at the moment, so I wasn’t quite sure what to do. Fortunately the internet came to my rescue and I discovered someone selling a new pair for about half the usual price on eBay. I’ve always been a little bit suspicious of eBay because it would seem to offer a lot of scope for fraudsters et cetera. But a bargain is a bargain and while I’m not sure I would buy anything very expensive on eBay I thought I’d give it a go.

Today the shoes arrived; dispatched from China although the seller lives in Wellington. They have every appearance of being the genuine article but for one thing: In the box was a little card entitling me to a 9% discount on my next visit to a store with the not entirely reputable sounding name ‘‘. Sure enough, if you go there you see that the site has been seized by lawyers working for the manufacturer of Ugg boots, Deckers Outdoor Corporation. So my new shoes are probably counterfeits.

But should I mind? The shoes certainly seem to be good quality and it wouldn’t surprise me if the are made in the same factory as the real thing.


7 thoughts on “Shoes

  1. As long as they weren’t made out of abused animals like fake uggs! My friend has some of the real deal ones that she got cheap because she works for a supplier. She says when she runs she feels like an African Goddess but they aren’t great for rocky terrain because the padding Is thin.

    1. kenanddot

      Running in Uggs? I always put them in the slippers category. Have know fear, though, the quite-likely-fake vibrams are pretty synthetic. I can’t tell if the insole is leather-it feels like leather-but otherwise it is all rubber and man-made fibre.

  2. kenanddot

    Actually, yeah, it’s very hard to run on rocky terrain in them. You can bruise up the underside of your feet quite easily if you put your foot down on a big stone. I thought that might just be my problem as I’m on the heavier side these days. The new ones I got have a thicker sole so it’s a bit better, but it’s still a bit uncomfortable. I’m hoping my feet will toughen up after a while, but I’m mostly staying on pavement and bark tracks.

  3. Dot

    I hope you don’t mind, Ken, that I put a title on this post. It’s a bit boring but functional (the title, that is, not the post).

    1. ken

      I don’t mind, although for a moment I thought you had posted something new only to be disappointed. But it is definitely better with a post title.

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