Homeless address

Dot writes: passing the social welfare office on my way into Trinity, as I always do, I noted a sign in the window:

Only forms with a homeless address on will be paid from this office.

I think I know what they mean – you’ll only get your payment directly from the office if you are homeless – but the ‘homeless address’ was such a dreadful oxymoron I couldn’t help but wonder what would count. 3, The Gutter? Or is a homeless address an address with no house attached, such as number belonging to the far end of an unfinished street in a ghost estate?

Also, I think they should pay the person not the form. The form will just fritter the money away on reckless photocopying and improvidently getting longer, as though it weren’t dependent on the goodwill and taxes of other people.


One thought on “Homeless address

  1. Katimum

    The term in the DWP is, or used to be, ‘Unsafe address’, which highly amused me because our address when we first got married was classed as ‘unsafe’! However, that term included multiple occupancy places with shared letter boxes.

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