I made these

And I don’t think they’re too shabby for a non-crafty, not-very-artistic person, though I admit I used stencils. They are all tucked away in envelopes now, ready to go to Hugh’s school and be birthday-party invitations for a selection of his classmates.

It’s going to be a small event at our house; as you can see, there are only five invitations, though I’ll also ask Jake and Karel so if everyone comes we’ll end up with eight children of Hugh’s age plus a few little brothers and sisters. It will be our first attempt at a traditional children’s birthday party with games and party bags. Any tips on games to play would be gratefully received; the ones I can remember from my youth are as follows:

– pass the parcel. We can definitely do this.
– pin the tail on the donkey, though I don’t really remember what the point was. Did the person who made the best attempt get a prize? How do you avoid getting multiple pin marks in the wall?
– What’s the time, Mr Wolf?
– dancing competitions (music: Agadoo). I was mystified and slightly offended that my ardent Margot Fonteyn impression never won.
– sleeping lions. Even as a child I think I realised the adults used this as a way of getting us to shut up for a bit.
– musical statues.
– musical chairs. This is out for Hugh’s party because I don’t think I could remove the sofa from the living room before all the children managed to sit down on it.

I’m planning a loose dinosaur theme for Hugh’s party, so if I get enough preparation time I might prepare a game of Hunt the Dinosaur in which the children can find dinosaurs around the house. Any other ideas?


4 thoughts on “I made these

  1. Helen Conrad-O'Briain

    Suppose they are too young for ‘I packed my grandmother’s trunk’ – or even its shorter version ‘I unpacked the picnic basket’?

  2. Katimum

    You could try a simple Dinosaur Kim’s game – put out a selection of dinosaurs of various colours on a tray, let the children look at them for a while, take one away and then get them to guess which one is missing. Or, more traditionally, display Dinosaurs, cover tray and see how many they can remember. Or the ‘We’re going on a Dinosaur Hunt’ (with actions).

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