Dot writes: Frank has a passion for jigsaws and is, at least to a mother’s fond eyes, remarkably good at them for a three-year-old. Here he is tackling Hugh’s 100-piece dinosaur jigsaw.


And he here is with the finished item:


Now, if you asked Frank he would tell you proudly “I did it by my own”, but I did help him: not by putting the pieces in, but by making suggestions for where things might go and feeding him pieces that he would be able to fit in to the part of the jigsaw that was already taking shape. Frank’s approach is to pick up a piece and then work out where to put it. Hugh, however, has learnt that you need to find what’s missing from the picture you have. Hugh can do this jigsaw completely by himself, but he likes to set me tasks: “Mummy, find me some more pieces of the T-rex.”


4 thoughts on “Jigsaws

  1. Katimum

    That’s very impressive! It strikes me that you are much better than playing with your children in a constructive way than I was with you. I think I tended to just stand back and wonder why you couldn’t do things.

  2. Katimum

    I have just been re-reading a letter from a friend from last Christmas and she mentioned having a Jigsaw competition at their Royal Wedding street party. She said it was especially popular with the boys, who got very competitive about it. Must be a boy thing.

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