Meanwhile in Boy World

Dot writes: some jottings on what our boys are up to. Mostly they’re engaged in elaborate games involving knights, baddies, extensive sound effects and anything vaguely sword-shaped they can get hold of, including their wooden swords (thanks, family and friends who thought it was a good idea to give small children weapons) but also umbrellas, cardboard tubes from wrapping paper, rolled posters etc. They are playing together quite well all things considered and seem (I hope I don’t speak too soon) to have learnt not to whack each other with the swords. But here are some other ideas from the fertile Mind of Boy:

Hugh – This evening he rebuilt the chairs and sofa in the living room into a machine for swapping brains, which he was keen to demonstrate to me when I was in the middle of dinner. First he swapped himself and Frank. “I like diggers!” said Hugh, pretending to have Frank’s brain. Then he swapped me and Frank, and I told him that I suddenly felt much cleverer. Then he insisted that he had swapped Frank and Julie, but the machine had a bendy wire and was no longer working so he wouldn’t be able to swap them back for a week. Frank and Julie pretended to swap back without using the machine, but Hugh was rather displeased.
– Also Hugh has been telling me stories about a character called Magic Mummy, who has a magic pot and other magic things. I asked if I could tell Grandma about Magic Mummy; if Grandma would like to make up a story about her, would Hugh mind? Hugh had a little think and said he wouldn’t. (Any interest, Grandma?)

Frank – Every morning Frank pretends to be a baby dinosaur. “I’m a baby triceratops; raar!” he says in a little, high voice. “A T-rex ate my mum. Will you be my mummy triceratops?” I tell him that yes, I’ll be his mummy triceratops. I try not to think too hard about the fact that the real mummy is always dead.


5 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Boy World

    1. kenanddot

      No-one could expect more of a Grandma (20 illustrations – gosh!). Anyway, I’m not sure how long Magic Mummy will last as a topic. I like her, but Hugh’s heart may well be more with the knights, dinosaurs etc.

    2. kenanddot

      By the way, the opening of a recent Magic Mummy story by Hugh: ‘This is a story about Magic Mummy. She had a kung-fu pot and a colourful kitchen. She used the kung-fu pot to make Chinese for the children, and then the pot made kung-fu action figures, because Chinese always goes with kung-fu.’

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