Title game

Dot writes: Ken is reading a book entitled Sacred Herbal Healing Beers. I can’t help thinking that it sounds like a book on a completely different topic with the word ‘beers’ added or substituted on the end. So I thought I’d take a few volumes off our shelves and see what I got.

Michael King, Maori Beers

David Crystal, The Fight for English Beers

C. S. Lewis Those Hideous Strong Beers (I tweaked this one a bit. Can you tell?)

Lucy Moore, Liberty Beers

B. F. Skinner, Beyond Freedom and Dignity, Beers

D. B. C. Pierre, Vernon God Little Beers (you can hardly tell the difference on this one)

Matt Cooper, Who Really Runs Ireland’s Beers? (or, possibly: Who Really Runs Ireland? Beers!)

OK, it’s only mildly funny. But I do quite like the last one.


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