Ken writes:

I’ve got a lot of assignments to do at the moment, which is one of the reasons why I haven’t been posting much. Another is that I have been worrying away at another brewing themed post trying to make it useful and correct, but it’s taking a while to get my ideas straight. And another is that I have also found time to relax. For instance, last Saturday I went to Murrayfield to watch Scotland play Italy and took some photos with my phone.
Murrayfield 1

Murrayfield 2

Murrayfield 3

Murrayfield 4

Scotland v Italy

I also took a video, but WordPress won’t let me upload it. I’ll have to tinker around behind the scenes a bit.

It was a very enjoyable occasion. Before the match the crowd was entertained by the Red Hot Chilli Pipers. They were the bees knees.

About the worst thing on the day for me was that woeful song ‘flower of Scotland’. It is so self-pitying and backward looking. Of the traditional tunes I prefer Scotland the Brave, but someone should write some positive and ambitious lyrics for it.

p.s. I also think Scotland should play wearing the kilt. It wouldn’t get in the way and it would give expression to their national identity, perhaps in something like the way performing a haka before a match expresses the Kiwi identity. It might even put the opposing side off (especially if worn properly!)


5 thoughts on “Murrayfield

  1. Murray Jorgensen

    Glad to see that my field attracts such a large crowd. Still “Flower of Scotland” does not have the zing of “Ka Mate! Ka Mate!”. A bit too much of the “it is death” without the balancing “it is life”. They might be better with an anthem that could kick them along a bit. Better still if something as stirring as a aka could be found.

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