Signs of Spring

Dot writes: I have been ill again, which is no fun. The first ear infection entailed about a week in bed and then a week of getting up again by degrees as the vertigo wore off. The following week I was basically fine, though (having a perforated eardrum) still deaf, but didn’t exactly power ahead with all my delayed work as it was half-term and Julie and I were juggling the children. (It’s such fun to see them go flying through the air; you should try it some time.) Late on Friday night Ken came home for a weekend, and in the small hours of Saturday I realised I was developing another ear infection. So then there were two visits to out-of-hours doctors, one who told me it didn’t look too bad but gave me some antibiotics anyway, then another when I’d developed nausea and fits of violent shivering and had blacked out and collapsed at the foot of the bed during the night. The second doctor, the Sunday doctor, pointed out I had a goitre (I’d never noticed it before: when did it appear?) and tomorrow I have to go back to my usual doctor and talk to him about my thyroid. So I have been feeling rather low and anxious, as well as weak and wobbly with an unpleasant oozy ear.

However, the oozy part stopped in a day or two, the nausea got better when I switched to a different medication, I didn’t get vertigo this time, and I have been gradually reviving. Today I went so far as to venture a walk in the park. I wasn’t completely sure this was a good idea. Yesterday I took Julie on a short trip to Lidl (lucky Julie) and was startled by how trembly and feeble I felt. But in the park I was delighted to discover that I was much stronger than yesterday, and I had a longer walk than I had planned. And, through a gate that I’ve only ever seen locked before, I discovered this:


Apparently, it’s been open for a year, so this is a typical instance of Dot catching up a bit late, but since it’s only open Monday to Thursday from 10 till 4 I suppose it wasn’t surprising I had missed it. Even on a grey cold day it was delightful. I explored thoroughly (there’s a little pond round the back and a slightly muddy lawn that will be a warm and sheltered picnic spot in the summer) and then I continued on my walk, noting the hopeful signs of Spring.



6 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. Katimum

    We have some early crocuses, but the daffodils are still hardly poking their heads up – and we are getting a few flakes of snow, again. Still, Spring is coming! Glad you are feeling better.

  2. mairij

    I’m glad you are feeling a bit better, Dot. Hope you get back to normal functioning soon. They are lovely photos. What an uplift from those flowers!

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