Another day, another general anaesthetic

Dot writes: I think I have written maybe one post this year that wasn’t about illness, operations or accidents. I’ll try to think up some different topics soon. Anyway, today was just another normal day chez Ken and Dot, which means that Frank and I got up at six, stayed fasting, and drove to Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children at Crumlin for him to have another little procedure. There were a couple of wobbles, first when we checked in and our appointment came up on the screen marked “cancelled” (but the nice lady decided to ignore this), and then when it was noticed that Frank had rather a fruity sounding cough; but a doctor and anaesthetist both listened to his chest and decided it would be safe to go ahead. He was in theatre at 9.15, back in recovery by 9.45 and returned to my bosom just after 10. I spent the period of the operation running all the way around the outside of the hospital to find some shops with a cash machine in so I’d be able to pay for the parking. This is also a traditional and reassuring part of the Crumlin experience; last time the ATM in the hospital was just behaving erratically, but this time it had been entirely removed.

I did worry that Frank would be upset and reluctant to go for another operation, given how sore he was after the last one, but mainly he was keen to have another chance to play with all the toys in the Surgical Day Unit. As soon as we got there he dug out the same dumper truck he had played with in January. And yet it was clear he remembered quite a lot about the previous trip, including the story about Barnie going to the sleepy room that he hadn’t seemed to be listening to; when I told him we’d be going to the sleepy room he said “Will I turn into Barnie?” Anyway, he was co-operative and sweet-tempered. And now, only a few hours later, he basically seems fine. Thank goodness.

5 thoughts on “Another day, another general anaesthetic

  1. Kids are so great. Sorry you had to go through another one, but glad things went fairly smoothly. I remember when I was in labor my husband constantly having to go move the car. Why can’t they create decent inpatient parking??

    1. kenanddot

      When my sister had her baby (a year ago tomorrow) and was kept in hospital for five days afterwards my brother-in-law spent an absolute fortune on parking. Crumlin at least has its own carpark, but if you arrive much later than 7am you can’t get into it and have to try to squeeze into the cramped little streets surrounding, annoying the residents. The city centre hospitals, including both the main maternity hospitals, have no carparks and horrendously expensive on-street parking. Basically, they want labouring women to take the bus.

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