Things academics hate

1. Marking
2. Peer reviewers for journals who fail to appreciate our fabulous work
3. Students who fail to appreciate our fabulous teaching
4. Students who write down every single dumb word we say instead of responding with intelligent debate as intended
5. The way every single academic publisher there is has a slightly different style sheet
6. Doing all our own proofing
7. Marking
8. Having to tell administrators things – the same things every year, but with added details and tighter and tighter deadlines
9. Libraries that cancel subscriptions to journals in our specialist areas because not enough people use them
And did we mention…
10. Marking.

Only some of this is pertinent to what I’m doing today. But I didn’t want to waste a good fit of grumpiness while it was on me. Feel free to add further points in the comments.



6 thoughts on “Things academics hate

  1. Helen Conrad-O'Briain

    Please don’t forget marking – and human resources who claim that they will have your pension sorted out by Christmas, 2011.

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