Things fall apart

Dot writes: yesterday the children and Julie were sitting in the living room and it seemed a bit dark to me, so I turned the light on and, in a little shower of sparks, the glass part of the light bulb fell out of the lampshade and onto the floor. Frank had just climbed up onto the sofa or the bulb would have fallen directly onto his head. Also, earlier today the roof-box that belongs to the car fell off the bracket on the garden wall where it lives, severing one of the strings that Ken has just put up for his hops to climb. Also, we have signed up for a SIM-only contract with Vodafone, but when I collected the new SIM and put it in my phone my phone turned out to be locked and won’t talk to me any more. So I no longer have my old Meteor service but can’t access the new Vodafone one. I have been told to ring the Meteor customer care line but warned that because my number has been transferred over to Vodafone Meteor may have trouble tracing my account.

The title is not a reference to Chinua Achebe. It is meant literally.


3 thoughts on “Things fall apart

  1. Murray Jorgensen

    Oh I thought your reference was to Yates! Sympathy on the hostile nature of domestic objects. My electronic bathroom scales have just stopped working, poor thing(s), I am online because I’m looking for new ones.

    Here in NZ the thing to do with your phone is to take it to a smart young Asian guy.

    1. kenanddot

      Chinua Achebe was quoting Yeats (‘The Second Coming’), and I remembered that just after I hit publish, but then the internet went down as well and I couldn’t rephrase the post to make use of the Yeats connection. Thanks for the Bob Dylan clip.

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