Dream, phonetics

Dot writes: this morning Frank woke up absolutely convinced that Ken had brought him four new Octonauts toys – specifically, the Gup-B, Gup-C, Gup-D and Gup-E, which are four of the little submarines the Octonauts use. “Was this in your dream, Frankie?” No, the toys were downstairs, and he was eager to show them to me. But when we went into the living room and looked in the box they weren’t there (and Ken, of course, is still in Edinburgh, doing exams). Poor Frank was very disappointed.

In unrelated news but the same blog-post, I thought I’d share these videos I found when looking for resources for my new History of the English Language course. There’s a whole series of them: look for KentLinguistics on Youtube. Here’s the introductory one and a couple of others.


2 thoughts on “Dream, phonetics

  1. Katimum

    Frank’s getting some very vivid dreams, isn’t he! Just hope he doesn’t also get the nasty sort, even if the nice sort are disappointing when he finds out they aren’t true.

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