Peak Lager

Ken writes:

The latest issue of Brewer and Distiller International reports that Heineken are trialling a new bottle equipped with a battery pack and LED light display that will light up when two Heineken bottles are clinked together. What extraordinary lengths to go to to get people to drink a particular beer! Surely this is an indication that, at least in the first world, we have reached peak lager. The market for lager is as big as it can possibly get and it will only downwards from here. What particularly strikes me about this news is the fact that the container (be it bottle or can) is the largest component of the cost of beer, comparable if not slightly more than the tax in even the most heavily taxed economies like the UK. So by making the container even more expensive, Heineken are effectively taking even less of the value of the sale. They are obviously gambling that the gimmick will result in increased sales, but I find it hard to see how the strategy can be sustainable.


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