Dot writes: on the plus side, I ran the 10k Dublin Women’s Mini-Marathon last Monday, and I sent off a draft introduction to our essay collection to my co-editors on Friday. However, the following are all broken:
– the camera, or if we’re lucky just its batteries. I’m going to take it to the shop tomorrow because the weather is beautiful and I want to take pictures of the boys looking sunkissed.
– the car. For quite while on Saturday it refused to start. When it eventually relented Ken drove it straight to the garage. I’m hoping it’s nothing major as we only bought it last September (not to mention we have no money right now).
– the iMac, which rebelled against Hugh’s Angry Birds obsession and has taken to the computer screen equivalent of jibbering. Again, off to the shop, just as soon as we get the car back. Remarks in parenthesis above are again applicable.
– my toe, thanks to a path with an unexpected step in it. At least, the general opinion of the people who have seen it so far is that it’s broken – I stubbed it and now have bruising spreading from the joint and down the side – but none of them were medical doctors, though several were Doctors of Philosophy. One of my Facebook friends has shared an encouraging tale of how she ignored a stubbed toe of her own for a week and then collapsed with septicaemia. So I will be off for a checkup tomorrow, along with the car, the camera and the computer. But I will probably be the cheapest to fix.


2 thoughts on “Broken

    1. kenanddot

      I’m pretty sure it’s ok. The toe isn’t swollen and I can move it, and the bruising has stopped spreading. It certainly wasn’t a major break; not sure what it was, but it does seem to be getting better. Also, the car is back from the garage and all it had needed was a new air filter and some plugs, so that turned out quite well.

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