Rare fit of discretion

Dot writes: I decided to take that last post private. It wasn’t very fair on the person in question and I was worried it might get back to him. As far as I know no-one round here reads our blog, but I can’t be certain and the veil of anonymity is not that thick.

2 thoughts on “Rare fit of discretion

  1. I’ve had occasion to do that too… My new rule is: if I can’t say it to anyone’s face or I’ve got an uneasy feeling about my ‘honesty’ an hour after I’ve posted, I just remove.
    For the record – what you said sounded like a very honest, not at all vicious, response to a.n.other. So I hope you’re not allowing yourself to feel ‘bad’.

    1. kenanddot

      That’s a good rule, except that sometimes one’s just BURSTING to say stuff that can’t possibly be said to a person’s face. Sadly, the internet is probably not the place to say it, but it’s seductive – the satisfaction of talking to someone (Dear Diary never quite counted) while being able to pretend that it’s all happily anonymous.

      I’m glad it didn’t seem too nasty to you.

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