Young love

Dot writes: Tib has developed this habit that has been bothering me, and also worrying me since it seemed like an exception to his generally friendly and affectionate nature. When I am harmlessly doing some task that involves standing, usually trying to cook in the kitchen, he will spring up onto his back paws, put his front paws around my leg and try to give me a nip with his teeth. The nip has been very gentle on the occasions he’s made contact, but I haven’t given him much of a chance to get fiercer. Biting is not something I care for. But this evening, after he’d popped up under my skirt while I was cleaning my teeth, it finally dawned on me that he is trying to dry-hump my leg. The nipping is what male cats do to make the females lie still.

I admit, I didn’t realise cats went for legs. I thought it was a dog thing. But, as the vet remarked when I took him for a check-up the other week, Tib is a well-developed young chap; and I am the main lady in his life right now…


5 thoughts on “Young love

  1. Mairi Jay

    What I like about that is that Tibs obviously knows you are female. As to the meaning of his behaviour (is randiness or establishing dominance, or what) we need a Freudian cat psychologist.

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