Art and boys and stuff

Dot writes: and – zip! zip! – another two weeks have gone by. Ken has insulated the attic, the boys have each had little bouts of flu (Hugh is just getting over his and is, unusually, on my lap right now) (he’s a bit heavier than he used to be, I can tell you), and I have run frantically from class to class, pausing only to get cross about the water pressure problems in the Arts Building. Repeatedly this week all the women’s toilets have stopped flushing in the course of the afternoon and been locked off. Several hundred women work and study in the Arts Building. We need toilets. Enough said.

I should post about the Budget or something serious like that, but instead I want to show you a miniature jungle town that we found in the glasshouse at the Botanic Gardens last Sunday:
The boys were particularly taken with the little red car and, of course, could not be restrained from checking whether it would move (it wouldn’t). The Botanic Gardens is full of pieces of art, which are changed around from time to time. Here are a couple more that appealed to me. I love the marriage of subject and materials here.


But Hugh’s favourite was this one.


Boys and woods: I posted something comparable
this time last year, but I’d hesitate to call them babes these days.


5 thoughts on “Art and boys and stuff

  1. Katimum

    Did Hugh like the sculpture for aesthetic reasons, or because it was interesting to climb on? The miniature village is very appealing, though, as are the Birds/nests.

    1. kenanddot

      It wasn’t possible to climb on that one – I think he did indeed like it for aesthetic reasons. What a tasteful child he is, some of the time.

  2. Helen Conrad-O'Briain

    Hundreds?, I’d say we are over the 1,000 these days.
    The pictures are lovely. The last reminds me we have had a beautiful autumn.

    1. kenanddot

      It’s hard to know how many people are in the Arts Building, but a high proportion must be women, and, yes, it could easily be 1000. And it has been a lovely autumn and, for the most part, very mild.

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