Swift retrospective

Dot writes: I have no intention of seeing in the New Year at midnight; Ken and I have a nice tradition, initiated last year, of welcoming the first sunrise of the year from the beach at Bull Island, which allows for a much more civilised bedtime. (Forecast for tomorrow morning: rain, high wind, possible tidal surge.) But let me take this opportunity to wish all readers a Happy New Year, more-or-less accurately timed depending on where you live, and recall a few highlights of the year past.

– I co-organised the ISAS conference and had my picture taken with Seamus Heaney
– we had a fantastic hot summer
– Hugh settled in well in Senior Infants
– Frank did a course of music classes in the autumn and enjoyed them
– both boys grew an impressive amount
– I took up the recorder again after a gap of a couple of decades and joined the Society of Recorder Players
– I ran the 10km Dublin Women’s Mini-Marathon
– Ken ran the actual Dublin Marathon
– Ken got a distinction in his MSc
– and – fanfare – Ken was offered, and accepted, a post as Head Brewer at a micro-brewery in Co. Leitrim. He starts on Monday.

Here’s to 2014!


One thought on “Swift retrospective

  1. laura

    Terrific list! Congratulations to you all and here’s hoping for continued successes in 2014! Caution: If the boys keep growing at the same “successful” rate, you may need to find a house with higher ceilings.

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