Car question

Dot writes: hello, reader(s). Ken has no internet in County Leitrim or I’m sure he would be posting lots, since he is out there on his own being a brewer with no brewery all week (the brewery arrives next week; in the meantime there is planning, I think). I am busy with the start of teaching and getting settled in with the new au pair, Sandra, who had her first day in charge of the boys today. She seems to have had no problems managing the routine and they like her, so that’s good. Meanwhile I just about got through my History of the English Language class. After last week, when there was no Ken and no Sandra and I was therefore on Mummy duty after school each day, I am running rather behind; which is not great for the first week of term. But now Sandra is here I am starting to climb back up to the top of the pile of tasks.

Ken has the car with him. I do need a car from time to time. Do we (a) get a second car or (b) join a car club? In favour of (b) is the avoidance of all the stress and expense of buying, insuring, taxing and running a second car. In favour of (a): the car club car is parked at Killester, a 10-15 minute walk away, which is rather far if I want to go somewhere with the boys, and it has to be booked, so it would be fine for predictable engagements such as my recorder lesson but not for emergencies, rainy days, running late and so forth. Certainly (b) is the eco-friendly and budget-friendly option, but I do feel a bit confined without a car. What would you do?Unknown


3 thoughts on “Car question

  1. laura222

    I understand the eco-budget-friendly concerns, but having a 2nd car doesn’t mean you will be logging more miles as a family, necessarily. What if you had a small eco-friendly extra car for when you cannot all be in the same place at the same time?

  2. Katimum

    I remember my Aunt calculating that it was actually more economical to have taxis for her trips than run a car. On the other hand, taxis sound so extravagant. Might be worth comparing the budget for x number of taxi trips a week for x number of miles compared to the car purchase and running.

  3. This unapologetic petrolhead says: get the second car!
    With 5 kids and a non-driver for a husband we always had just the one car: a hefty sensible Spacewagon.
    With the kids grown up and gradually leaving us you’d think we’d be downsizing… But no. Husband hit 50 and learned how to drive (for job reasons really). He got my old car. I traded in the 7 seater and got a new one which does 72 miles to the gallon and still manages speed with the turbo deisel – but then I do over 2000 miles per month. We have a third car which my Dad uses (he’s our au pair equivalent!). And number 1 son has a typical boy-Corsa.
    I love driving. I love the freedom of just deciding to go somewhere, anywhere.
    My eco-credentials are blown. I am ‘bad’. But I can live with this…

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