Poor Blog

Dot writes: this poor blog languishes. The only reason I’m writing anything now is because it occurred to me to see whether its seventh birthday has passed, and it has – unnoticed and unmarked, on the 4th March. Ken and I have been talking of laying the blog gently to rest, since neither of us seem very inclined to write it any more.

Before we make that decision, however, we need to go back through the archive and pick out all the posts that have recorded landmarks in our family life over the past seven years, and thoughts that we had that people seemed interested in, and funny things the boys did, and of course the all-conquering Anatoly Boukreev post (it was written on only the third day that the blog existed and still gets comments). Maybe doing that will give me a burst of enthusiasm and the blog will stumble back into life. But it must be admitted that I no longer have a routine for posting, I no longer feel very comfortable sharing all the boys’ doings, which seem more personal to them now they are past babyhood, and I do need to concentrate on my academic work.

Sigh. Poor blog.

Right, back to work (I am reading papers submitted for an edited collection).


6 thoughts on “Poor Blog

  1. Mairi Jay

    Dot, I think you’re right; the blog is no longer such an important way of keeping us in contact and it creates an unnecessary sense of obligation. Nowadays we have Facebook and Skype. But for me this blog has been a blessing because it gave me such vivid and interesting accounts of the boys growing up and of significant events in your life (remember dear Tibs?) and your’s and Ken’s job. It has been really worthwhile.

  2. It’s a lovely blog, kenanddot… maybe you could identify a different focus for it? Don’t do the personal ‘boys’ posts? Do more academic/brewing/life-in-general/politics/ethics etc posts?
    Whatever you decide, I’ll be glad to have stumbled upon your writing and I wish you both the very very best. Yx

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