What a shower

Ken writes:

My shower this morning
My shower this morning

Above is a picture of my shower this morning. Look closely. You can see water dribbling out of the shower head. Why is it that showers in Ireland are so shit?! I don’t remember them being an issue when I lived in New Zealand or Philadelphia or the UK.

I had the landlord round this evening (he let himself in because I’m away), and predictably, it worked a treat while he was there. And yet there clearly is something wrong with it.

It looks like a pressure problem, but it can’t be as it is fed (pumped) from a tank in the attic.

Not sure what to do short of baking a cake and leaving it as an offering to whatever spirit is possessing the house.


3 thoughts on “What a shower

    1. kenanddot

      That’s when I’m trying to take a shower. The alternative hadn’t occurred to me, but I can count my blessings now (especially since they’re bringing in water metering and a shower that never stopped dribbling would quickly become a liability).

  1. Mairi Jay

    It’s obviously one of Murphy’s shower heads. Maybe fate is telling you, you don’t need to shower in the mornings.

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