More car trouble

Ken writes:

I got a flat tyre during the week and wasn’t able to fix it in Drumshanbo so I brought it home to Dublin to sort out. Unfortunately, the tyre is not the problem. The problem is that the wheel is an alloy and the harsh conditions of irish roads, principally potholes and speed bumps, have apparently dented the wheel so it is no longer truly round, or as the mechanic said to me, ‘more like a 50p than a circle’, which made me wonder what the Irish 50p used to look like before introduction of the Euro.

Here’s the wheel anyway

2001 Renault megane 15" allow wheel
2001 Renault megane 15″ allow wheel

So I’ve spent the afternoon ringing round wreckers yards trying to source a replacement. I haven’t managed to find the exact same model although I think I may have found a suitable alternative.

It’s a real nuisance anyway!


2 thoughts on “More car trouble

  1. Laura

    I had a similar problem with my VW. Every winter started with slow leaks and then wheel repairs. Some of the shops could work with alloy and make the tires (tyre) fit. After I moved to Phila. the problems stopped. Maybe the temperature and road conditions didn’t vary as much. In any event, the new cars’ signals – that tire pressure has changed – are useless! (You may not rely on that as I do.) The signals seem to announce every -5 degree temp change as a pressure change and I am forced to get out the hand gauge. In the end, the temp is not the same as a change in PSI and I am left merely annoyed.

    1. kenanddot

      Gosh. I had never even heard of electronic tyre pressure sensors. We always just ‘eyeball’ it. I guess the consequences of incorrect pressure on an icy Minnesotan highway are more serious than over here.

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