Swimming classes

Ken writes:

I’m really impressed with Hugh at the moment. He’s making huge strides in swimming but what really pleases me is just that he’s committed and fired up about it. It’s so pleasing to see a bit of energy and self-belief. Last week he said he was going to swim without arm bands this week and true to his word he did. He was powering through the water too. The teachers are pretty harsh, however, and didn’t make a big fuss about him opting to go without. They grilled him instead over kicking with straight legs. I think Hugh was expecting more fanfare, but he cracked on with it anyway.

Poor little Frankie doesn’t seem to be enjoying the swimming classes. He finds the goggles uncomfortable, the teachers bossy, and the combination of armbands and floats awkward and encumbering. He bears it phlegmatically and impassively though.

The classes provide an opportunity to study their characters a bit. Hugh can be hard going at home and never takes advice or instruction from either of us, but he’s a very attentive pupil who always tries his hardest for the teachers. He has tended to be quick to decide he can’t do something and dissolves into histrionics if things don’t go his way. It’s encouraging that Hugh has stuck with swimming long enough to start seeing rewards and hopefully start breaking that pattern. Frank on the other hand does what he is told without fuss but without seeking to please. We see him labouring to finish the length of the pool with a pained expression on his face but silently and without complaining. His stoicism is impressive. It’s just a shame he can’t catch any of Hugh’s newfound enthusiasm.


One thought on “Swimming classes

  1. Mairi Jay

    What a very nice blog. Good for Hugh. I’m proud of him for throwing himself into it so enthusiastically. As for Frank, one day he will be grateful he learned to swim. I think its a really important skill for them.

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